Genetically Modified Food : A Serious Issue That America Essay

924 Words Dec 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Genetically modified food is a serious issue that America is currently dealing with; it has affected millions around the world. Genetically modified food is crops, plants, and animals whose DNA has been altered for agricultural and nutritional reasons. In the Alltime Conspiracies video, “How Dangerous Are GMO Food” he argues that GMOs can have budding effect on humans, and the more we consume the more damage that is being done to our DNA cells. The author Alltime Conspiracy beings building his credibility with personal facts and highly regarded sources, citing credible facts and statistics, In the video, Alltime Conspiracy stated that “60 percent of the food we eat everyday has a potentially dangerous secret lurking in its DNA. Birth defects, infertility, disease, and allergies have all been linked to the creation and consumption of genetically engineered food but somehow these issues have been swept aside.” These data’s are fascinating, their needs to be change, the U.S.D.A and the F.D.A must begin doing their occupation and start given sustenance that are not contaminated with manures, feces, and blood and keep us safe from birth defects, diseases, infertility, and allergies. Possible solutions to the problems, the author suggests, consumers need to stand firm and begin requesting the evacuation of bad substances in their sustenance so as to stay away from GMO diseases. Consumers also have to do their examination on what they are eating and the circumstances…

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