Genetically Modified Crops And Its Effects Essay

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A genetically modified crop is a crop that’s DNA has been modified by genetic engineering. The way this works is that one organisms DNA is taken and is bonded with another organisms DNA creating a “hybrid” crop. Genetically modified crops have developed tremendously over the years and has changed and impacted daily life for farmers and crop consumers. Genetically modified crops have many positive effects such as increased productivity, lowering pesticide chemicals on crops, and even helps economically. Genetically modified crops is a fast growing technique and needs to keep growing to make an impact like it already has.
First is the productivity of genetically modified crops. Say you are in a period of time where there is a drought or very little rain in the season. Genetically modified crops can be made to be able to survive during these times. Say if there is a place where you want to be growing a specific type of crop, but you are in an area where that crop cannot be successfully grown. Scientist can genetically modify that crop by crossbreeding it with a crop that can withstand the conditions to make the crop eligible to grow successfully. An example would be if there is a country surrounded by salt water coastline, and that country can’t grow the crops in the salt water. A GMO company can make a crop that can withstand the salt water and help the people in the area grow their crops successfully. This…

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