Genetic Testing : Diagnostic Testing Essay

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Advances in understanding the causes of genetic diseases ushered in the need to diagnose and treat these diseases in order to benefit the population affected. In order to identify these genetic predispositions, genetic tests have to be done through laboratory methods. There are currently seven methods of genetic testing: diagnostic testing, predictive and pre-symptomatic genetic tests, carrier testing, prenatal testing, newborn screening, pharmacogenomic testing, and research genetic testing. Diagnostic testing involves methods that are used to identify the disease that is affecting a person. This form of testing is usually used to confirm a disease when symptoms relating to the diseases are detected. The diagnostic test can be performed in-vitro or at any time in a person’s life however, this form of testing is not available for all genetic disorders. This test can aid a physician in developing a treatment plan for a patient or it can influence the health choices a person makes. Predictive and pre-symptomatic genetic tests are used to detect genetic mutations in a person’s genome that can increase the chances of developing a disease. Both tests aid in detecting a disease that is present in a patient’s family medical history even if the person shows no symptoms. Predictive testing is used to screen for mutations that can affect the chances of a person developing a disease related to their genome while pre-symptomatic testing screens for genetic mutation that will cause the…

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