Essay about Genetic Testing : An Incurable Disease

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In the year 1989, the daughter of Renee and David Abshire died at the age of three to an incurable inheritable disease known as Tay- Sachs. The couple believed they would never have baby again, however, in the year 1994 the couple introduced to the world a completely healthy baby by the name of Brittany Nicole Abshire. Brittany was a special child. She was the first child in the world to be successfully screened for the incurable disease Tay-Sachs using the genetic testing method of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. (The New York Times) There are several thousands of individuals in the United States also considering having children, and sadly many of these couples decide not to undergo genetic testing prior to having children due the controversy associated with the topic. Often, when the topic of genetic testing is discussed, one hears the all too common statement of, “will you abort your child if you discover that he or she will be born with an incurable disease?” It is this exact statement that proves that many people are unfortunately uneducated on developing scientific methods such as genetic testing, and this has resulted in them forming uninformed opinions on these topics. This also raises the concern that the way science education is currently taught is in need of change, specifically it must be altered to include more information covering developing scientific methods. Thus, to demonstrate how the way science education is currently taught should be changed, I will…

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