Essay on Genetic Research : Genetically Modified Foods

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Some movies are based upon the unrealistic ideas of choosing your child’s future through which diseases and what they will look like, immortality, even harvesting organs, but what if I told you that these ideas aren’t so unrealistic that it’s just decades away. With genetic research we can have plenty of food with desirable traits, we can cure genetic diseases that have affected thousands,We can have more knowledge on the subject of DNA, and we can do so much more if we put money to genetic research, but should we or she would give the money to some other organization or maybe for educational purposes? From the research i have found I believe we should fund genetic research.

Genetically modified foods or GMFs have been introduce with other genes from other organisms in their DNA in attempt to make the plant better. Scientists have been genetically modifying foods to help make growing crops and livestock easier our growing population. Our population keeps growing and we need plenty of food that contains the nutrients we need. Based on the information given in: and GMFs have many advantages such as the crops becoming pest resistant, having herbicide tolerance, disease tolerance, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, having more nutritional values ,becoming pharmiceuticals, and phytoremediation. First reason why we should genetically modify food is, because with genetic engineering we will be able to stop using pesticides, because pesticides have been proven to be…

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