Genetic Modification : Scientists Against Ethics Essay

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Genetic Modification: Scientists Against Ethics
I. INTRODUCTION Imagine living in a world where some people were just born perfect. They consist of perfect looks, perfect personalities, perfect athleticism, perfect minds, and perfect everything. But you, on the other hand, just got the luck of the draw. From two parents, very average in terms of the word today, you were born, normal. Unfortunately, normal is not good enough. There are two types of people now: the normal ones and the flawed ones. You now fall into the flawed category, although you never would have seen your small flaws as real issues before. However, the people around you are invincible. After wondering why they got so lucky and you did not, you finally learn the root cause of this mysterious, unbalanced life: genetic engineering. “Genetic engineering (GE) is the modification of an organism’s genetic composition by artificial means” (Genetic Engineering). Also called genetic modification, genetic engineering raises ethical concerns in our generation. Although we can genetically modify food, some wish to take this a step farther and begin genetically modifying our own species. I am arguing against the legalization of the genetic modification of humans because it is unfair and on a slippery slope, against my religious beliefs, and everyone would be dehumanized with a lack of diversity.
II. REASONS THAT SUPPORT MY DECISION First, although the term “unfair” might be an objective topic, there comes…

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