Genetic Modification : Genetically Modified Food Essay

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Genetic modification is a widely debated subject since there is so much known about it yet so much that is still unknown. Some people don’t even know what genetically modified food is and how it came about. It was best said by John Donovan when he said “…nature has many unknowns, but one certainty is that tomatoes and fish do not have sex with each other” (Donovan). The experiment he is referring to is one of the most infamous early attempts at genetic modification. After Donovan said this quote he continued to discuss how the genes of fish were successfully introduced to the DNA of tomatoes to try to give it a longer life on the vine (Donovan). It’s amazing how such a debated subject has actually spread so far. According to Veronique Dupont, in 2012, 88 percent of the all of the corn being sold commercially in the United States was genetically modified. Corn isn’t the only culprit either. Of all soybeans sold and processed in the United States 94 percent is genetically modified (Dupont). The big question asked by the general public on genetically modified foods is whether it is a good idea or not. With all things considered, all the good that comes out of having genetically modified foods on the super market shelves outweigh the negatives. First thing to consider are the negatives of having genetically modified foods in our diets. GD Arthur does a good job of describing the possible negative ethical and economic effects pertaining to genetically modified foods. When it…

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