Genetic Modification Effects On The Environment

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Our world’s constantly growing population and increasing scientific advancements have allowed us to take new steps toward feeding our race. Agricultural sustainability is a vital necessity for our planet’s farmers and consumers to have in order to meet economic, social, and health needs. The requirements needed in order to obtain this have heightened over the years, but with the establishment of genetic modification, we have grown closer to this goal. Genetically modified organisms are beneficial to our world’s environment, consumers, farmers, animals and communities.
Produce with genetic advancements have proven to have less negative impact on the environment when compared to other produce. The ability to change the biological makeup of
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Plant material could potentially provide an alternate energy source than oil. “The waste material from sugar cane or sorghum can provide energy, especially in rural areas”(22). In the future, plants with abilities to give off energy could be planted just for this purpose. Natural oils from green algae are being produced in high quantity in order to eventually used as a source of power, as well as bio energy grasses and oilseed crops. Unlike conventional fossil fuels, pants can be grown quickly, constantly, and repetitively, as well as biotechnologically changed and advanced. The future of GMOs holds the potential for a sustainable, cheap energy …show more content…
Organics use more pesticides and water due to their creation of products that are not pest-resistant. They have given themselves a pre-determined limitation of not being able to produce a new, innovative product, while GMOs have the potential to do that all the time with the use of science, while organics has willingly forced themselves to constrain from advancing.
Much of the anti-GMO debate is one done out of lack of knowledge on the process of GMO development and it is one that utilizes the fear that anti-GMO organizations instil on the people they are trying to convince. This fear is put in place by claims that GMOs are unsafe, unhealthy, or deadly, however, this has not been proven. Much of the anti-GMO argument lacks accurate scientific evidence that can convince the majority of the science committee as well as the majority of Americans.
Recently, many anti-GMO organizations have pushed for the labelling of GMO foods in grocery stores, and has led to Proposition 37. This Proposition, however, may or may not decrease the purchase of biotech foods, in fact, studies have shown that labelling GMOs could do little to no damage to GMO produce companies, especially when a majority of products in stores contain

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