Genetic Modification And Its Effect On Human Health And Upgrading Technological Advances

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Scientists are experimenting a lot of new methods that improves human health and upgrading technological advances. The findings from their experiments and research are revolutionizing the way how people are born and live . It is getting to the point where couples can modify an embryo to not have some sort of cancer and birth defects for an expensive cost. However, it doesn’t stop there because later on these couples will be able to modify and customize the embryo completely and make the perfect child that they wanted and wished for. This process that the couple can do is called genetic modification. Is genetic modification ethical and acceptable to the society. This means that will it be approved and morally correct for everyone. Genetic Modification will be something that will be not acceptable and ethical in the world we live in.

For those wondering what genetic modification is, it is a recombinant of DNA technology that involves altering a genetic structure of something such as plants, animal, food products and even humans to provide a specific trait (ProQuest Staff 1). Genetic modification can alter a person’s genetic structure and their lives. It can be done before a person is born by removing the embryos that has a high chance of birth defects and cancer. Also, they can modify the embryo to their liking. For example, the couple can make the embryo of their child to be tall and athletic if they wanted their son/daughter to be a basketball player. Scientist…

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