Genetic Modification And Human Cloning Essay

1474 Words Dec 19th, 2016 6 Pages
In our world we are constanting fighting to find cures to different diseases and disorders. The human race throughout the years has consistently advanced in ways previously believed to be impossible. Although we have accomplished many triumphs in the world of science, we have to be forever willing to take the next leap. Genetic modification and human cloning is the next big medical breakthrough and technological advancement. Genetic modification and human cloning offers the world an infinite amount possibilities, not only should the research continue but funding should be provided. In 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick completed a model of the human DNA (Proquest Staff). They managed to complete this without any previous visuals of the human’s DNA structure. They managed to create a hypothesis of the structure, and it was late discovered that they were undoubtedly correct. Without their contribution to science the concept of genetic modification wouldn’t be around. Genetic modification is the process where the genome of any human, plant or animal species is altered. Scientist have created a device so that genetic modification can take place. This device is a very sharp molecular knife they have named CRISPR (Caplan). This tiny, extremely precise device can cut and remove the selected gene(s) in the genome. The accuracy of this device is phenomenal (Caplan). The process of this device was compared to Mircosoft Word, in a sense that one could essentially cut…

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