Essay on Genetic Heredity Of Living Organism And Discovered Genetic

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I would like to nominee Gregor Johann Mendel for the "Carleton Prize for Biotechnology". Gregor Mendel is an Australian Scientist who has credited for discovery of the science of genetics based on his experiments, breeding peas in the monastery garden at Brünn. He identified the basic genetic heredity of living organism and discovered genetic through an experiment in his garden, (Numbers, R. L. 2015). Gregor Mendel was born on July 20, 1882 in Heinsendorf bei Odraua small village in Australia, (Haas, L. F.1998). Mendel’s parent had own farms for generations. He spends his childhood life with his family in the farm where he started to become interested in biology and sciences (Numbers, R. L. 2015). As Mendel grew up he became extremely successful in his career and academic life. When he was 11 years old, he impressed his teachers with his high talent and skill, (Gregor Mendel Biography). The local schoolmaster Troppau introduced him to secondary school to continue his education. Living in a city alone was a challenging life experience for Mendel because his family were not able to support him financially (Numbers, R. L. 2015). In 1840 he graduated from high school with honors degree(2001). After graduation from high school, he started studying philosophical institute for two(2001) years at the university of Olmutz. Mendel find himself successful academically, especially in physics and math(2001). He also helped others at his spare time(Jay, V.2001). In spite…

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