Genetic Genetics : Genetic Drift Essay

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Genetic Drift

A genetic drift is a change within the gene frequencies, especially done at random fluctuation in gene frequencies in a small breeding population (Genetic Drift, 2016). While having a genetic drift in a small population, it would cause a chance to cause a disappearance of a certain gene. The genetic drift that is based in each generation by a random selection that tends to leave behind descendants and genes than other people that are in the exact same generation. The number of alleles or genes are affected by the particular size of the population, but in a population that has a small size would cause an element, which is considered to be called a genetic drift. The process of the genetic drift is the allele or the genes can change the population by a chance as a result of the change in a type of frequency of a gene variant or allele in a population due to a sampling error from generation to generation. While genetic drift is done at random, it could lead to huge changes within the populations in a short time period. The Genetic drift or random drift is caused by the recurring of small sizes of the population and with the severe reduction of the population size would be considered to be called as bottlenecks. Because of the genetic drift, it would cause an interest of alleles or genotypes within the populations. The genetic drift itself would cause a constant increase with the inbreeding and homozygosity because of the removal of the alleles. The genetic drift…

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