Essay on Genetic Engineering : What Type Of Baby You Want?

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Genetic engineering in humans is a recent development that gives parents the option to design their idea of a perfect baby. The idea of “perfect babies” will lead to designer babies. The term designer babies refers to using biotechnology to choose what type of baby you want. The traits that can be changed in these babies are gender, appearance, intelligence, disease, and personality. Changing these traits can cause many problems and can affect society, the family, and the baby. Society could be affected because the designer babies could create a gap in society and only the wealthy people will be able to afford it. The other children in the family could be affected by the parent 's decision. This procedure could also lead to the termination of embryos and the possibility of damage to the gene pool. Also, the baby has no choice in the matter and will lose its individuality (Designer Babies). Human genetic engineering is ethically wrong because it alters the embryo and the person can 't be who they originally were. “Genetic engineering is inherently dangerous, because it greatly expands the scope for the horizontal gene transfer and recombination, precisely the processes that create new viruses and bacteria that cause disease epidemics, and trigger in cancer cells” (Dr. Mae-Wan Ho). Genetic engineering is a controlled manipulation of the genes in an organism with the intent of making the organism better in some way. The increasing power of genetic technology may one…

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