Essay about Genetic Engineering : The Chemicals Of Heredity

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Genetic engineering is the manipulation of genes which are the chemicals of heredity in hopes to correct the defects that produce genetic disorders and make new substances that would never be found in nature (Silverstein 480). Think of genetic engineering as a tiny microscopic construction project that takes place on very small units within living cells (Druker 38). Since Dolly’s birth became public in February 1997 genetic engineering has been a popular topic because it was a result of this scientific process (Silverstein 54). Farmers have controlled the outcome of plant and animal breeding since 5000 B.C.E. By the 1800’s scientists began to gain more clues about how nature did its own cross breeding (Wilinski). The discovery of how traits were passes from generation to generation helped scientist to improve on methods of modifying organisms for our benefit (Giblert). The English chemist Francis Crick, and American biologist James Watson determined a chemical explanation for a gene. They discovered the chemical structure for complex molecules in all living cells. The discovery of what a gene was made genetic engineering (“Genetic Engineering”). Watsons and Crickets discovery opened up many opportunities for biologists. Biologists discovered that since genes were chemical compounds that they could be manipulated like any other type of chemical compound. Because DNA molecules are large and complex the task of tinkering it can be difficult, but most chemists are familiar…

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