Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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There are different forms and views of genetic engineering along with some pros and cons about the use of genetic engineering. The importance of genetic engineering is to find ways to make things better and to explore new things. Genetic engineering is basically tampering with the arrangement of amino acids in dna to change it or make something new. Interesting fact is that eighty percent of dna in a human body is unknown.
The pros of genetic engineering are the agricultural growth and discoveries that are being made along the way. Scientists could cure diseases that have not even been found cures for and get rid of genetic mutations. (Rinkesh)Doctors will even be able to get rid of genetic diseases of unborn children so they can be born healthy. Humans could live longer by changing the way our body naturally declines and to where our body can adapt quickly to an environment.
Natural selection is a process where nature chooses the organisms adapts best to the surrounding environment. An example of this is when the smoke killed the lichen off the tree and made the bark dark. This increased the dark moth population by ninety eight percent. Charles Darwin would call this process survival to the fittest which he discovered while at Galapagos island. He went on this voyage for five years when he notice that the birds looked only a
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Genetic engineering has it pros and cons like all other things but it has a lot of potential success for the future I believe that genetic engineering is good as long it is for positive advancement. These advancements includes agricultural and medical which can have a very beneficial impact for society. While doing this I do believe that scientists should be cautious and try not to cause any major catastrophe. Just like other things there will be a lot of trials but man did not reach the moon in one try

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