Essay on Genetic Engineering Of Human History

1951 Words Nov 22nd, 2014 8 Pages
Augustine Ugwu
Professor Ileana Loubser
ENGL 1301
November 18, 2014
Genetic Engineering Of Human
Genetic engineering technology has been a very powerful and also a very hazardous tool. To modify the series of nucleotides of the most genetic material that rules for the organization of a complex living mortal, can cause and tremendously illness effects, however, the prospective benefits are really good. Arguably, the use of advanced technology has changed many numerous aspects of human everyday behavior and activities. However, most people think that technologies have modify a lot of wonderful developments that are more valid and also a bad influence to human beings. Genetic engineering technology has been among the several developmental topics with the resultant technology. So many people believe that the modification of human genetic engineering has the abilities to solve and cure most mankind problems. Furthermore, the production of these genetics is seen as the possible thing that is built and on the increase of unchecked dangers. However, these prospective applies to both positive and negative consequences of human genetic engineering as a system of improving the condition of humans. Generally, genetic engineering of human opens a complete land of many issues associated with biology, which allow most scientists to be in a situation of serving human beings, but these problems are not exclusive of the unhelpful impacts on human beings.
Genetic engineering technology has…

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