Essay on Genetic Engineering Of Food Is Bad For The Environment

1694 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
Modern day technology has evolved tremendously throughout the past years. It has come to a point where everyday foods are being altered to fit in our lives. Many would say it is a great discovery, but others are against it. Genetic engineering of food, or in other terms, genetically modified foods (GMO), is an organism whose genetic characteristics have been altered from extracting a portion of DNA from one organism to another. Many discussions are created amongst GMO foods, including with it and against. Majority may have heard why GMO is good for the economy and everything included. However, many do not know the dark secrets that are being kept from our society. Throughout the essay an explanation will be provided why Genetic Engineering of Food is bad for the environment, economy and not beneficial for an individual’s health. The most fed products to our farm animals only consist of less than two. This only applies to farming companies that feed their livestock these products, not naturally raised organic farmers. Commercially grown animals are now feeding on genetically modified corn and soy. Animals thrive off of the environment by feeding on many different types of nutrients. Soy and corn only provide a little amount of nutrients for the livestock other then eating naturally grown plants and fruits from the wild. Scientists are now realizing these commercially grown animals are having a long-term negative effect upon them. Eating the GMO created soy and corn are…

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