Genetic Engineering : Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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(a) Genetic engineering (genetic modification) is a process by which an organism’s genome can be modified using various biotechnology techniques. The process involves manipulating the DNA of an organism or transferring genes into an organism to create a new and improved version. DNA sequences of certain organisms are inserted into different organisms to help us obtain favorable outcomes. Genetic engineering can be used to increase the disease resistance of organism, help animals produce extra hormones, etc. the list is endless. This method of reproduction is a lot different than the usual selective breeding. Selective breeding includes the genes that are originally present in the organisms. Hence, the offsprings still have the same genes as their parents and are still the same species. But, in genetic engineering, there is a modification of genes. The offsprings can have a whole new set of genes and can no longer be called the same species. Genetically modified organisms can also have some prominent extra characters than their previous generations.
(b) The media reports seem to revolve around the topics like, is the GE salmon safe for the environment or is the salmon harmless for human health. Some media reports also revolve around the topic of why the FDA has approved the GE salmon and why the FDA has not made the labelling of these genetically modified salmons mandatory. The primary concerns regarding the GE salmon is mostly about the environment. Many noted scientists and…

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