Essay about Genetic Engineering And The Federal Funding Of It

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Genetic Engineering Research Paper “I believe we have been given the capacity and will to pursue this research- and humanity and conscience to do so responsibly” (Obama). This is Barack Obama giving a speech to defend his choice to lift the band on stem cell research and the federal funding of it. Stem cell research is very common in today’s world and has helped lead to human genetic engineering and designer babies. "Genetic engineering is the alteration of genetic material in living things with the aim of producing new substances, or creating new functions" ("Genetic Engineering). The father of genetic engineering is Paul Berg who was able to surpass all the obstacles and create the basis of the technique. The research that has been done and the technology that has been developed over the years has had a huge impact on what scientists can do with this process. Scientists can do all sorts of manipulations to embryos now, including gender, certain traits, and disease prevention. Genetic engineering has helped find countless diseases, through a lot of work it can even do more, but these other things create a lot of controversy. Genetic engineering has helped identify about 3,000 disorders linked to errors in human DNA. When the scientists examine the embryos in the early stages it can be lifesaving. They examine it and look for disease or they try and create embryos without disease. This process is very similar to the one used in Brave New World, “how the…

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