Essay on Genetic Engineering And The Documentary Seeds Of Death

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An Opinion Essay on Genetic Engineering in Agriculture and the documentary Seeds of Death

Genetically modified organisms can be defined as any organisms which have had their genetic material changed artificially through means of biotechnology. Modern techniques permit specific traits to be transferred into the genome of a recipient species, often getting rid of the unwanted effects that can occur with traditional breeding. This process has allowed for the development of many new agricultural GMOs since their inception in the 1980s. After the first GM crop was approved in 1994, GM crops have been widely adopted in the United States. Currently, GMOs have been created with a variety of useful traits, such as resistance to insects, herbicides, or droughts, increased nutritional value, and even the production of pharmaceutical ingredients. These traits create diverse applications for agricultural genetic engineering in modern society (Fernandez-Cornejo et al., 2014). Over the time in which GMOs have been introduced to agriculture, an intense debate has developed regarding the safety, applications, and ethics of using genetic engineering. While proponents of GMOs say they improve agriculture and benefit society, opponents claim that GMOs are harmful to human health and the environment. In this debate, however, scientific literature concerning the topic is often ignored (Nicolia et al., 2013). The documentary Seeds of Death in particular delivers a message that is deeply…

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