Genetic Engineering And Its Impact On The Field Of Biology Essay

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For Further Benefits
As said by James Lovelock, a NASA scientist and multiple award winner in the field of biology, “I suspect any worries about genetic engineering may be unnecessary. Genetic mutations have always happened naturally, anyway.” Many people are worried about the damages Human Genetic Engineering can cause instead of the many advances in which it can help the field of medicine. Human Genetic Engineering or (HGE) is the process of altering ones DNA by either removing pieces or altering it in some form or fashion. Many disabilities and diseases are thought to be able to be fixed or eliminated with the further development of HGE technology. People are against the thought of altering DNA of people because of frightening circumstances that resulted in WW2. Hitler’s ruling of Germany was aimed at the purpose to create a perfect race, not to better people and lead them to healthier longer lives. With further improvement in the technology of HGE, scientists and doctors can provide a better life for people who have disabilities or diseases that can’t be cured. The continued experimentation in the field of HGE will be a benefit to many people because of the doors it opens in the fields associated with medicine and technology alike.
One of the main reasons for exploring HGE is so that diseases can be controlled or eliminated. The goal for this science is so people can live without the pain and burden of a disease that isn’t curable. With this technology diseases are…

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