Essay about Genetic Engineering And Its Effects On Children

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Genetic engineering is a controversial topic among people, especially when it relates to the use of gene modification techniques on embryos. There’s a relatively new technique in gene replication called CRISPR-Cas9 which allows a scientist to target a specific part of a DNA strand, this then allows the scientist to cut that part of the DNA with the possibility of replacing the now missing part with a foreign DNA strand in hopes to modify it. This new technique could allow scientists in the future to treat genetic diseases in newborns, however, this idea has met a lot of criticism by people who believe this new technique may be abused by parents in order to create “designer babies.” “Designer babies” are newborns whose genetic makeup has been altered in a way, in order to get rid of undesirable traits, which include genetic diseases. Both sides, however, know the potential of this new technique and the possibility of using it for the benefit of society by saving many lives. On one side of the argument, scientists and researchers alike believe that the already mentioned CRISPR method could allow them further their study in the field of genetic engineering. It could advance their knowledge on the field greatly by the many discoveries that could be made using this new technique. The method alone would increase the speed of research and its efficiency. It is a promising new advancement on the field which researchers and scientists see as a possibility of leading it to treat…

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