Essay Genetic Engineering : An Experimental Technique

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A basic definition of Genetic Engineering is the manipulation of DNA to produce new types of organisms, usually by inserting or deleting genes. Human Genetic Engineering refers to the application of these same procedures to humans. There are three types of Human Genetic Engineering:
❏ Somatic engineering adds genes to body cells.
❏ Germline engineering adds genes to human eggs, embryos or sperm.
❏ Cloning creates a copy of an organism / individual person. Genetic Engineering in itself is already a very controversial subject. But the level of controversy increases in magnitude as it is applied to people. Not only are the oppositions directed towards possible long term biological effects, they lean more towards the ethical, and by extension, moral issues. Sufficient understanding of its nature therefore, is in order.
Somatic Engineering Imagine the world with few diseases or a painless antidote for cancer.Somatic engineering also known as “gene therapy” is used in many parts of the world today. The National Library Of Medicine states that, “Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. This technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient’s cells instead of using drugs or surgery”. Engineering somatic-gene will treat diseases and cancer like germline engineering, without having to use drugs or surgery. Except that somatic-gene will not be heritable to a newborn. Gene therapy is going to…

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