Genetic Engineering : A World With No Genetic Essay

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Genetic Engineering Imagine a world with no genetic diseases or illnesses, where both humans and animals are born healthy without the possibility of inheriting or contracting a deadly disease. With genetic engineering, this world could become reality. Genetic engineering is the process of modifying the characteristics of an organism by altering its genetic material. Genetic engineering is a touchy subject. Many questions arise when the topic of genetic engineering comes up, many of them being moral and ethical questions on how far experiments should go and why. Genetic engineering should be further explored because it can currently produce insulin and human growth hormones, could possibly eradicate certain diseases, could be used in “designing” or even “bringing back” animals as well as a multitude of other possibilities.
Genetic engineering can currently produce human growth hormone and insulin. Insulin used to be made by purifying it from the pancreas of cows and pigs. This procedure was expensive and the insulin could sometimes cause allergic reactions. The structure of human insulin was found in 1955, allowing it to be produced by other means. Cow and pig insulin could then be modified to be the same as human insulin. This is less likely to cause allergic reactions than that unmodified from cows and pigs. The production of insulin has come even farther since then. The process that they use now is more efficient and much cleaner than previous methods used.…

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