Essay about Genetic Engineering : A Man 's Best Friend

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Did you know that genetically engineered bacteria is used to create human insulin? The medication Humulin is given to diabetic people who lack insulin. Scientists used enzymes to “cut” the section in our DNA that codes for creating insulin. They detached the gene and inserted it into the DNA of the bacteria. It resulted in a bacteria that carries human insulin.
We’ve all seen genetic engineering succeed, like Dolly the sheep for example, the first ever mammal to be cloned, but will we see it prosper and eventually enhance the wellbeing of humanity? Genetic engineering is capable of many things, but is it capable of saving us?
Topic #1
Dogs might be titled as a “man’s best friend,” but will they have the title of being a man’s hero?
The process of genetically engineering dogs could be a step closer to preventing human diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy is a condition where the muscles in a human body weakens at a very fast rate. Abnormal genes come in contact with the proteins that are used to create healthy muscles. When the two interfere with each other, muscle dystrophy occurs. As of the moment, there is no cure to such disease, but through genetic engineering, we are closer than ever to producing one. Scientists are taking out the myostatin, which controls an animal’s muscle mass, so that dogs are physically bigger and can be used for hunting and military purposes. The process started with 60 dog embryo’s. Only two out of…

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