Essay on Genetic Engineering : A Controversial Technology

2394 Words Nov 17th, 2016 10 Pages
Genetic Engineering is a controversial technology that has a lot of debate and discussion surrounding it. Scientists and researchers work diligently in labs to improve and experiment with the new technology, while bioethicists look at the possible effects of the technology. The effects that the bioethicists must study consist of society, future, religious, and many more. Some families are eager for the use of genetic engineering to be widespread so that they can eradicate fatal diseases or other disorders from their family line, while other couples want to use genetic engineering to conceive a baby that will turn out to be a certain way. Although Genetic Engineering has a variety of benefits, I believe that it should only be used in certain cases, and an ethics committee or board should be established to determine the ethicality of the use. The amount of genetic diseases that we have now become aware of, have increased since the creation and evolution of new technology. As the technology has evolved, more tests are available to test specific genes which scientists believe to cause certain disorders, and therefore cures can also be discovered. Scientists and researchers use their knowledge to their benefit, and when finding cures for these diseases, they can also try to find ways to prevent them. I believe that that genetic engineering became more popular and well known because it has the ability to completely prevent these diseases from showing up in an embryo, if…

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