Genetic Basis For Facial Appearance Essay

888 Words Dec 11th, 2016 4 Pages
The 2013 grant from University of Colorado is proposing research for analysis of the genetic basis for facial appearance in order to create accurate facial depictions based on an individuals genome. They’re asking for $514,432 dollars. As it currently stands, past research has informed us that there are numerous sets of genes that interact with each other in order to determine the phenotypic characteristics of one’s face, with environmental variables exerting their influence on the genome at different times. The facial differences between one person and another is highly variable, unless they are closely related. The relatives having similar facial attributes suggest that there may be key genes that have a large impact on overall appearance.
The facial characteristics are important, because of the distinctive difference between individuals. This study is trying to piece together what gene alleles result in what phenotypic facial characteristic, especially the proposed key ones, which can help forensic scientists track down criminals based on the tissues (blood, skin cells, saliva, etc.) they leave behind. The forensics team can ultimately help track down these criminals by releasing to the media accurate virtual photographic representations based on the criminal’s genetic sequence rather than relying on what we have today, which is witness based facial sketches, which can be unreliable. Additionally, if there wasn’t a witness, than there isn’t any account to what the…

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