Genetic And Natural Science Principles Into Clinical Practice

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Medicine has come a long way from blood sucking leeches of the 1700’s to the modern vaccination today. With the introduction to the world of nanotechnology in the 21st century, medicine and treatments have taken major leaps forward. Scientists have managed to theorize a new method in which to battle cancer with the help of nanomedicine. Instead of the separating 2 treatments, there is a theory in research that argues for the benefits combining them into a single nano-carrier which would support one another for effective treatment. What are these two methods? Gene delivery and photothermal therapy.
This does partake in the field of biomedicine, the application of biological and natural science principles into clinical practice (pg 99). It’s using all the current knowledge in the world about biology, cells, and reactivity in order to search for an effective and patient friendly care. Of these two methods, Gene delivery and photo thermal therapy, it is best to try to understand them before attempting to mash them together. Gene delivery has been around the longest in terms of research and understanding. For decades, scientists have manipulated DNA from both plant and animal in order to produce benefits to humanity. Therefore, it was obvious that gene delivery would be a subject to research in cancer research. The idea was simple, using engineered nucleic acids (RNA) that would integrate it into a cellular RNA structure, one would be able to modify a persons’…

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