Genesis And The Mining Industry Essay

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If a group from my congregation asked me to teach a four week course, I would choose Genesis on the grounds that it holds more stories that have relevance to the context of my congregation. The approximate demographics of my congregation are as follows: over ninety percent are Caucasian; over fifty percent are 45 years of age or older; women are the dominate group within most of the small group activities; and the mining, healthcare, and retail industries are the largest employers respectively. Lay-offs affect most families in this congregation due to regular fluctuations in the mining industry, some due to direct employment and others by delicate economic ties to the mining industry. Just like most of the country, the families of my congregation are less nuclear than in generations past as blended and other non-traditional families are increasing in number. It is from this context that I have considered which Genesis stories to cover in a weekly course.
The first week I would begin with the creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2. I would encourage reflections on the differences between the two versions of creation before alluding to the probable liturgical reasoning behind the first creation story. I would briefly explain the theorized “J” and “P” sources of the Documentary Hypothesis and the where they fit into the Israel’s historical context, Yahwist from the 10th Century BCE and Priestly from after the fall of the temple (587 BCE) when Israel’s population was at its lowest.…

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