Genesis 2-3 Analysis

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When we look at the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2- 3 about the punishment, it is not easy to not be critical about how the penalty was given to both human at that time. Personally, reading this particular part of the genesis made me skeptical about the fairness of that punishment. First, to the one attributed to Eve. And second to the reason why both were punished.
It is obvious that they received blamed because they have disobeys to God. However, what can questioned this fairness can be the fact that as the Husband, Adam was in charge of his wife. He was the one who should make sure that his wife follow the rule and do not break it. As stated in the genesis “this at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh this one shall be called
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It seems like there where blind. In on point of view that blindness could mean that they were not older enough to even understand why it is important to be respectful to their father. This can be support by the fact that even though Adam was the first child, his mind was not open enough to helping refuse the fruit when his wife gave to him. We can even go far and thing that maybe if the serpent had chosen to talk to Adam he would have eaten that fruit and share with his wife. Therefore, it doesn’t really seem right to blame them because as every child, they needed time to learn and grow up. Moreover, if we see the word blind in his common sense, maybe both really could not see anything. From Genesis 3, it seem like both were blind and maybe were only feeling each other and everything around them with their other senses. As stated in genesis 3,7 “ She took of its fruit and ate […]. Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked”. So why did they even received a punishment if they may have been blind and could have even eaten this fruit even without the influence of the serpent? It’s hard to understand why they were even sanctioned if they couldn’t even see what they are touching. Even if God had a particular reason from preventing them to be like himself, that doesn’t seem fair to blame someone who cannot really see what is

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