Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center Essay

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Describe the mission/population served by the organization:
This proposal is for Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center. The population that will be served through the Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center is students from Title 1 schools in Baltimore City. Genesee Valley wants to bring students from Baltimore City to Parkton, Maryland where they will be emerged in a different environment centered around outdoor learning. Genesee Valley wants to provide students with the opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge on team building skills. Students will have the opportunity to participate in low and high elements that will help them expand skills and learn about trust, bonding, and learning about one another.

History of the organization:
Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center is located in Parkton, Maryland. Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center is an educational non-profit organization, which serves all ages from children to adults. This program is for companies, classrooms, and teams. This educational program they provide uses their challenged courses to develop or improve team building skills, cooperation, communication, healthy risk taking, leadership, creative problem solving skills, and trust. Along with this, they debrief on the activities to discuss ways to improve your everyday life. GVOLC also provide Spring Break camp, Summer Camp, and off-site rock climbing, and off-site team building programs. These programs can also be used for the Title 1 Baltimore…

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