Devon Rex Cat

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4. Devon Rex Cat
A Devon Rex cat generally loves people and can easily become attach to your family and friends. A kitten born in Devon, England in 1959 named Kirlee was first thought to have the same genes as the Cornish Rex. However, test breeding found out that Kirlee was certainly unique and a result of a very natural genetic mutation. A Devon Rex can weigh from 5 to 10 pounds. Though this seems odd, but a Devon Rex loves to stay level on the head of the person it likes. Due to this strange liking, the Devon Rex is usually seen situated on the shoulder of its favorite person considering that shoulders are in level with the head. A Devon Rex also wanted to be "always in", as he wants to know everything that is happening. Though it has a
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However, the beginnings of the Ocicat is far from that. The Ocicat was actually developed through cross-breeding Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair cats. The Ocicat can range from six to 15 pounds in weight. Just like the Devon Rex, an Ocicat also loves to ride on a person's shoulder, though they are usually found on the ground trailing the footsteps being taken by their owners. They are also playful and devoted breed, and are generally sociable that when guests or other visitors arrive, they are the ones who welcome them. The Ocicats tend to grab the opportunity of meeting these people for more petting and lap sitting. They also love to learn how to walk on the leash and love to retrieve toys. They are also very smart that they can even learn tricks easily, and they are too smart in fact that they can even open doors and remove …show more content…
Most commonly known in his short name as "Tonk", it weighs six to 12 pounds. Tonk is generally a friendly, loving and active feline. He is an attention seeker, and demands for your attention. Unfortunately, he would not stop until he gets it. When you take care of a Tonk, you'll find it manageable and maintanable as they seldom need bathing. Tonk also requires a weekly brush as most cats on this list do to remove dead hair and properly distribute the oil on their skin. This is one of the cats that don't shed considering that they produce very minimal shedding on their parts

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