Generosity Research Paper

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If you were asked what country is the most generous, would the United States of America pop up in your mind? Based on the 2015 Charities Aid Foundation, Myanmar tops the charts as #1 being holistically helpful to strangers, volunteering time, and donating money (Low, John). The United States comes a close second from the past years’ triumph of the #1 position with Myanmar. Second place shows a lot of generosity, yet many still say that the people in the United States represent a greedy group of individuals. From what I researched and have seen with my own experiences, the United States of America are well-known to being extremely generous. The citizens of the United States show their generosity during natural disasters, in charitable organization, …show more content…
The citizens of the United States are very generous when it comes to volunteering their service for those who in need of it. From personal experience, I have seen generosity occur from the simplest of things. In my free time while attending high school, I volunteered my time and energy in two things: one at Arch Creek Animal Clinic, and the other in a Christian girl club. Volunteering at Arch Creek Animal Clinic, I helped in keeping the office and the rooms clean while learning the ropes on how to run my own animal clinic when I get my degree in veterinary medicine. In the Christian girl club, I was placed as a teacher and would help the girls on how to get closer to God and how He has blessed us every single day with life. Another way that I volunteered was in the National Honor Society at North Miami Beach Senior High School, and the Student Government Association at Miami Dade College North Campus. In the National Honor Society, one of our most important occasions of volunteering ensued when the club would go to the Watercrest Care Center. This was a nursing home where we would go to bring smiles to the patients face when we prepared our Christmas caroling and presents for them. A great experience that I wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t volunteered. In the Student Government Association, one event that I attended was called the Farm Share Event. This event targeted those who were in need of food. I packaged the green beans and red peppers for the people who were standing in the line for almost 4 hours. There were almost 30 people helping to make this event shine. Having volunteers wake up at 7 in the morning to help those in need is generous in my book. Finally, once I become a veterinarian with my own clinic, I will give my time in volunteering services for free care for animals on the streets and neuter pets. This simple act can change

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