Generational Diversity Within The Nursing Workforce Essay

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Generational diversity within the nursing workforce is a unique situation for health care organizations today. Having three distinct generations working together to provide safe and effective patient care presents many challenges. Each generation possesses their own characteristics, values, beliefs, communication styles, and commitment to team work (American Hospital Association [AHA], 2014). The three generations were influenced by the collective experiences of their generation, both socially and culturally. This has shaped the way each generation views the work they do, their attitudes towards team work, and communicating with others (Hendricks & Cope, 2012). This paper will discuss the multigenerational workforce in nursing today, the conflicts it can causes, and how three different generations of nurses can work together effectively as a team.
Multigenerational Workforce in Nursing
Multigenerational nursing teams pose an interesting challenge of health care organization and nurse managers. Nurses are the largest component of the health care work force, with approximately 2.7 million registered nurses (RN) in the United States (Murray, 2013, p. 38). Of those nurses, there are three distinct generations: the baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y or the millennials. Generation X represents thirty-nine percent of the RN workforce, baby boomers thirty-two percent, and millennials twenty-six percent. It is estimated by 2020, the millennials will be fifty percent of…

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