Essay on Generational Differences in the Workplace

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Generational Differences in the Workplace

Composition II—Eng 102

Generational Differences in the Workplace The workplace of today involves interactions among people from four different generations often causing much conflict for leaders and organizations. Each generation represented has its own set of different values and beliefs. These differences can easily lead to conflicting barriers within the workplace. This can pose a significant problem for those in leadership. In order to combat this issue, leaders and organizations can effectively deal with these issues by offering different programs such as executive mentoring, town hall meetings, and leadership seminars for those in leadership. The
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This group is so hungry for purpose and fulfillment due to the stress related to the times in which they were raised. The mix of values and beliefs brought into the workforce by these different generations can pose problems for organizations and those in leadership. One of the biggest disagreements between the Baby Boomers and Generation X is over working hours (Wagner, 2007). While the older generation prefers working longer hours, the younger generation prefers a more balanced life between work and family. Another conflict between generations is over the method and style of communication preferred. This issue is influenced by the ways in which each generation views the use of technology. Wagner (2007) states, “Traditionals and Baby Boomers prefer stopping by the office or using the phone, whereas generations X and Y prefer e-mail or text messaging” (p. 32). This is due to the fact that technology has been constantly evolving over the years. A person from an older generation tends to be less technologically savvy than a person from a younger generation. The two older generations prefer a more formal means of communication, whereas the two younger generations prefer a more informal means (Zaporzan, 2010). The blend of these generations into the workforce creates much area for misunderstanding and conflict. Leaders and organizations must be ready and able to deal with these differences effectively. Each generational group views leadership

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