Generation X And The Generation Essay

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According to the textbook, it mentions, “The four generations identified in today’s workforce are the Silent Generation, Baby boomers, Generation X and lastly Generation Y” (Chapter 1, pg.14). The textbook also states how, “Baby boomers which is the largest generation had to become extremely competitive to find jobs and promotions and how many became workaholics while spending less time with their families to keep their jobs or to obtain greater pay or promotions” (Chapter, pg. 14-15). Furthermore, the textbook mentions how “Generation X chose not to follow their parents footsteps of total commitment of work and how they tend to be more open to non-traditional work. Generation X is also sophisticated users of computer technology and to value autonomy independence in their work and also in their private lives” (Chapter 1, pg. 15). Whereas, the textbook mentions how “Generation Y rather has free time than money so there not willing to work 60 hour weeks. They say parents getting laid off so they feel a little loyalty to employers and switch jobs or career paths every year” (Chapter 1, pg.15). Lastly, the textbook mentions how “90 percent of Generation Y are looking for the kind of job that offers flexible schedule, requires creativity and allows them to have an impact on the works. Generation Y also wants co-workers to make work fun” (Chapter 1, pg. 16).

The Generations I would best fit in would be Generation Y. In all honestly, I believe the characteristics are accurate.…

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