Generation X, And Generation Y Essay

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The age cohort groups you will research this week are Tweens, Generation X, and Generation Y.
It makes sense that each generation is different from other. But it may seem excessive to make the difference in generations a determining of the most critical behaviors, among other as membership’s social classes, cultures, territories etc.
Generation X consumers were born in the years 1965 – 1980, and According to Babin J. Barry & Harris G. Eric, (2014), they represent approximately 40.000.000 consumers in the United States. Located just after the Baby Boomers, Generation X was originally known as the Baby Bust, due to the low birth rate compared to the previous period of Baby Boomers. This generation has experienced a wave height at the professional level, has difficulty period to find stable and well paid jobs. This generation somewhat is less connected to succeed in life, clung to any position given the precariousness of the job market. The Generation Xers favored the balance between private life and professional life, and they struggle to understand Generation Yers and vice versa. For Generation Xers, life is a race against time. This busy lifestyle requires constantly making choices: having children or not, change careers or keep the same job, save or spend, to care for children or aging parents, etc.
They are less idealistic than baby boomers and more low profile than the generation that follows them, Generation Yers. First, they are marked by debt. After payment for the…

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