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There is a lot concerning what makes people contented with how they handle their private lives, occupations, and jobs, but much less about what makes them contented with the areas that they stay. Selecting the place where to stay is the distinct most vital resolution that people can make in their private lives. Consequently, this is because the places where the people live structure their entire decisions. Happiness concerns people’s lives completely: it comprises the changing feelings that individuals
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Social connections in our communities enhance feelings of trust along with belongings. Consequently, this is an influential thing that can have an optimistic brunt not only on those who are unswervingly involved in the communal network but our community as complete. When people understand and trust their neighbors, they end up feeling safer. People are less liable to fear crime in the local surroundings and further likely to anticipate that individuals in the area would mediate in the event of an anti-social character. When people feel safe then are more prone to make use of the communal spaces in our local surrounding and to leave their residences after dark. Environs with extreme levels of social relations usually have less crime as well as extra safe places for kids to play. Also, this formulates an affirmative cycle: if the community gets outside into neighboring parks along with playgrounds. There is a high possibility of the community getting to understand each other. Thus, this also promotes faith as well as belongings and eradicates the fear of crime (Aging and Quality of life-Recipe for happiness, community, 2015).According to Christopher Helman an employee at Forbes, basing on his studies regarding the world’s happiest nations he states that. “Happiness exceeds money as well as individuals being in a position to cater for themselves.” Helman also suggests that living in a safe community

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