general psych Essay

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Through my semester in General Psychology Taking Psychology has taught me a lot more than I already knew about the human mind and human body. I have actually enjoyed taking Psychology this semester. what I have learned from Psychology class will be carried with me throughout my college and professional career. In Psychology I learned the science of behavior and processes. The “ABC’s” of Psychology which are, A- stands for affect, which are feelings, emotions or moods. B- stands for behaviors, which are the actions or reactions of an organism. Lastly is C, which stands for cognition, which are mental events such as perceptions, thoughts and ideas. Psychology originated in many disciplines and countries. It was, until the 1920’s, …show more content…
Lastly, Hermann Van Helmholtz(1821-1984) was a physicist who tested effects of stimuli on the nervous system.
Learning new terms based on the human body helped me understand psychology better. It gave me a completely different outlook about it. I learned many things that I was completely unaware of before and it brightened my horizons to the psychological world.
The brainstem is the brains older and innermost region. The brainstem is located where the spinal cord swells slightly after entering the skull. The slight swelling is called the medulla. The thalamus sits at the top of the brain. This joined pair of egg shaped structures acts as the brain’s sensory switchboard. This reticular formation is located inside the brainstem, between your ears. It’s a finger shaped network of neurons that extends from the spinal cord. Right up through the thalamus.
The cerebellum extends from the rear of the brainstem and is baseball sized. This term also means “little brain”. It enables one type of nonverbal learning and memory. The limbic system is two halves of the brain. One limbic system component is the hippocampus: process memory. Amygdala is a lima bean sized neural clusters which influence aggression and fear.
The hypothalamus is located just below the thalamus. It is an important link in the chain of command governing bodily maintenance. Cerebral cortex is a thin surface layer of interconnected neural cells. This is your brain’s thinking crown, your

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