General Problem Description Of A Game Essay example

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General Problem Description
A game is to be created using an engine and specified platform. The main purpose is to expand into the game development market in order to attract clients. Using specific technologies and skills design or program an addictive game. The primary issue to elucidate is to fabricate a compelling video-game using individual knowledge.

A video-game is a computerized game requiring human interaction through a user-interface in order to generate visual feedback. The defined task is to create a game for a target audience and specified platform. The game will have an abundance of the following elements - showcase a range of skills, interest, fun, visual attractiveness and is stimulating for the target audience. These are the properties that expound an electronic game.

Content Communication
The content of which I am trying to communicate shall be stimulating for the target audience through visual attractiveness. This will be achieved by exploiting the full RGB spectrum, manipulating sprites in Photoshop for fun and identifying a range of levels with different layouts.

Target Audience
The target audience for this project is directed towards adolescents. This is because modern society’s youth and popular culture pre-occupy themselves by playing repetitive games to pass the time such as, Bounce, Flappy Bird and Happy Wheels. On a global scale, many teenagers today own a mobile or computer device making them susceptible to…

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