General Marshall And The United States Essay

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General George C. Marshall was born December 31, 1880 and passed away October 16, 1959. General Marshall played a huge role in United States History. During General Marshall’s lifetime the United States was being reformed and military power and strength become key components to be a successful free country. The United States was building their military power to become the strongest country in the world and General Marshall helped the United States get there. These changes in the United States lead General Marshall to have a significant impact on United States History. General Marshall started his journey to become one of the greatest generals in History by graduating from Virginia Military Institute ( Staff, 2009). This is just one part of his large war/military education. Once he graduated, he started serving the country in the Philippines and the United States. In 1907, General Marshall graduated from the Infantry-Calvary School at Fort Leavenworth. In 1908, he graduated from the Army College. At all Universities, Marshall graduated near the top of his class, with honors, or both (Nobel Media, 2014). The next historical event that General Marshall impacted was World War 1 as a Staff Officer. General Marshall was in charge of the 1st Division operating out of France, which is when he started to begin his Military successes in war (Nobel Media, 2014). After his great performance in World War 1, General Marshall was picked to be Chief of Staff by…

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