General Macarthur And The War Essay

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Many people today look back on General MacArthur and the war in Korea and view him as a bad leader, a leader who did not follow the current Army Values. After his short campaign during the Korean War, General MacArthur gained a very negative reputation. He is now looked upon as a leader who did not lead by example. This paper explores that question. General MacArthur up to the start of the Korean War had already immortalized himself in American history. As a General, he was known as one of the most decorated Generals in American military history after various victories in the Philippines and the Pacific during World War II. In 1947, President Truman reinstated General MacArthur into the army to lead his troops into battle during the Korean War. Conflict started to arise when General MacArthur had different ideologies and a different thought process on how to take on the Korean War than President Truman and the UN. Sometime in April, of 1945, General MacArthur was relieved of his duties and replaced. General MacArthur in turn would point much of the blame at President Truman and the UN for what ended up happening. When told the U.S. forces were going to invade Korea, General MacArthur did not want to have to invade Korea by sea. McArthur stated it would be a “desperate gamble”. General MacArthur did a lot of research before president Truman ordered any forces into Korea. The first thing he came across that would potentially cause a threat would be the rough tides of…

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