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Bridget Read
Entry 3
On my genealogy I have chosen to use the two colors blue and orange. I am using blue to represent my patrilineage in my family and the color orange is to show my matrilineage. I chose the color blue for my patrileage because blue is portrayed as a boy color in our society. The color orange was chosen to show the matrilineage in my family on both sides. On my mother’s side, there is more patrilineage descent than matrilineage because my grandmother had only three girls and the rest of them were males. All of my grandmother’s children were both colors while only some of their children were one color.
In my family we have a pretty normal base set of rules that we tend to go by. Our endogamy rules is that we can choose
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They would accept if I married someone without a college education and that had different beliefs as we do. The family may be upset for the first few months to a year but then eventually they would come to terms that everything is fine.
If I came from a family that came from a culture with a strict patrilocal residence rules I would be living in London, England on my mother’s side. My great great grandpa came from here. We would have to live close to the patrilocal house or we could live on the same land that they own and build a home so we can be close to help out our grandfather. All my uncles and their children and wife’s would be living on the same land or in a close to the patrilineal home. The wife’s that are married into the family would have to help with daily chores around the house.
If I came from a family that came from a culture with a strict matrilocal residence rules I would be living in southern France. My grandpa’s mother originally came from France. We would be living in the same home with the grandmother or your mother’s mother. All of the males would move out and live with their wife’s family. The women’s husband would have to contribute to household chores or help with a business if one was owned.
The term used in the United States society to describe the actual residence pattern today would be the word neolocal families. If I lived in a matrilineal society the husbands mothers

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