Gene Editing Techniques And Genomics Essay

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Jasmine Smalls
Molecular Genetics and Genomics
Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Delaware State University | 1200 N. DuPont Highway | Dover, DE 19901

Gene Editing Techniques: A Review

Gene editing entails inserting, deleting, and replacing DNA in a genome of an organism, utilizing engineered nuclease. Sections of the natural gene are replaced and completed using a DNA synthetic chain. Also, the natural repair process disposes of the confounds and holes in DNA.gets rid of the mismatches and gaps in DNA. On the other hand, gene disruption is a technique by which, and the DNA fragment is utilized to replace a genome sequence with a chosen marker gene such as the kanavanine resistance gene. DNA ?binding proteins, are proteins that consist of DNA-binding domains and hence have an affinity for single and double stranded DNA. This paper aims to summarize three gene editing methods, zinc finger nucleases, TALENS, and CRISPR-Cas9.
Genetic editing allows genetic modification through the introduction of a double-strand break (DSB) in a particular genomic target sequence and then the desired alterations are made during DNA break repair. The double-strand break that is induced by and the zinc finger nuclease is a designed sequence-specific endonuclease that can be tailored to cleave off the target DNA. The endonuclease should show different qualities to be sufficient for genomic engineering. First, it should recognize the long target sequence and have the adequate…

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