Gendered Behavior And Gendered Behaviors Essay

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Gendered behavior is something that we all see every day and participate in, whether we realize it or not. In a typical American setting, there are two genders that are associated with distinct sets of behaviors, styles of dress, modes of interactions, and likes and dislikes; the genders of male and female. Over the long holiday weekend I observed both myself and my family members performing several gendered behaviors. These gendered behaviors varied from having their nature in the way we present to the world to the ways we physically interacted with it. The first thing that I really noted was a discussion I had with my mother surrounding body hair, something that has strict rules surrounding which genders are allowed to have it and where – in particular, the idea that women should be hairless, while men should only remove their facial hair. My immediate family consists of my mother and father, who are divorced, myself, and my two brothers. Being surrounded otherwise by men, my mother often turns to me to discuss things such as makeup and hair, things that society dictates men are not supposed to be interested in. This in itself is a gendered behavior, given that she would not discuss these things with my brothers but feels free to talk about them with me. She noted that she shaves a large part of the hair on her body, including any visible hair that grows past her ankles and on to her feet, and any that grows on her toes. When I said that I didn’t bother with that, she…

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