Gendered Advertising And How It Has Changed Essay

1290 Words Jun 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Advertising is a tactic companies have been using for decades to promote their products. Depending on the product, businesses often direct their advertisements to a certain demographic or gender. Not only do these advertisements encourage consumers to buy their products, but they also strongly influence the way certain genders are perceived and what is supposedly expected from them. This essay will explore the history of gendered advertising and how it has changed through out the years and how gendered advertising affects both women and men. In the 1920’s to the 1960’s, toys aimed at children were predominantly advertised based on home care and nurturing while toys aimed at male children were focused on learning and construction. In a 1925 Sears advertisement for a toy broom and mop set, it clearly reads “Mothers! Here is a real practical toy for little girls. Every little girl likes to play house, to sweep, and to do mother’s work for her”. In 1965 Sears released an ad for a play dinner set that featured phrases such as “Sears knows what little girls like….” and “delight the little homemaker”. Gendered marketing was not limited to children’s toys, it existed practically in every industry during this era. Take the 1950’s “Kenwood Chef Mixer” ad which proclaimed “The chef does everything but cook - but that’s what wives are for”, or a 1950’s advertisement for Hoover vacuums during the holiday season with the caption of “Christmas morning she’ll be happier with a Hoover”.…

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