Gender and Family Essay

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Gender and Family CJS/240 June 30, 2013 Sandra Dillard

Nowadays in today’s civilization there are a lot more youths that are committing delinquent crimes. The juvenile justice system’s officials are continuously trying to find resources as to what causes an youth to turn out to be delinquent and fall down hill into a bad lifestyle. It is very expected that adolescents will become juvenile delinquents if there’s not enough structure given to them from their families or their inner feelings or pride of their specific gender. There are so many different variables that are concentrated on the important of adolescents into delinquency like family function, disorders, two parent
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There are differences the way males and females socialize and affect their growth (Siegel & Welsh, 2006). The gender difference that’s related to delinquencies includes social status. A status offense is only declared an act to be an offense if it was committed by a juvenile and decided in a juvenile court system (Status offense, 2002). One of the places that others can see both genders being disobedient is at shopping malls, but there are other places as well. This is where the females can be loud, adventurous, rough, trying risky activities and daring. Males are far more having a hostile attitude than females and few of the time spent within the relationships with the opposite sex. Males are creating a bond with the existing criminal male friends.
Females are very different from males. The differences are the amount of persecution they have encountered in their childhood lives. Approximately 80% of females that’s in the juvenile justice system have numerous of histories of sexual abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse comparing to the rate of 20% of the teenage females that are in the general civilization. A lot of these females that are put in the juvenile justice system are the ones that never had any love at home, abused by family and friends, non effective parent role models, lack of

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