Gender Vs. Sexuality Is The Most Controversial Issue That Exists

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Gender vs. Sexuality is the most controversial issue that exists in society. Before an individual can choose their sexuality they must have a specific gender to distinguish them in society. Since the beginning of this class we learn different perspective on social constructionist vs. essentialism, which explains different stance on how society is socially constructed. The fact that society requires us to follow gender role create problems for individuals from being there true self. By society definition sex is based on chromosomes, meaning to be a female you must have XX chromosome and a male is XY. The second part now to completely follow society rule that makes you a female or male is to identify with the gender based on your sex. Your appearance, behavior, talking patterns, and physical body must correlate with your sex. For you to be considered normal you must fall on the gender spectrum chart, which is to the left or the right, nowhere in the middle.
The Western Gender Paradigm also plays a huge role on gender and sexuality. Previously, I explain a little on the fact that your gender must equal to your sexuality. The Western Gender Paradigm is the reason why gender binary continues to exist. There are three distinctive views that individual must abide. The Western Gender Paradigm states that sexuality is heterosexual, everyone one is either biologically male or biologically female, and everyone is either a man/ masculine or woman/feminine. The reason why such paradigm…

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