Essay on Gender Theory And Gender Development

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Gender Theories
Wood in this chapter of the book mainly focuses on the outlining of the four gender development approaches. Through these four approaches, individuals are able to appreciate the view point that they hold towards attributions focused on the study of gender development. All the things regarding how we perceive gender in whatever situation form up these approaches and also revolve around such approaches. They are comprised of cultural, critical, interpersonal and biological approaches.
With this theory, it is of the view that gender difference is based on biological characteristics. In order to differentiate gender it dwells on things such as chromosomes, brain specialization, and hormones as the main attributes since they all do have a biological background. Wood uses evidence such as men do lack estrogen as well as women lack testosterone in order to explain how gender difference comes up based on anatomy. According to Kronsell, this could also be displayed by men having beards while ladies having the capability to lactate milk to babies (18). Hence the gender differences we do observe daily can be accounted for by the biological differences since they have been researched and can be proven.
Interpersonal approach
According to Wood, with the interpersonal approach, it is of the view that femininity and masculinity development is influenced by interpersonal factors (214). It is further subdivided into different theories. These include cognitive…

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