Gender Stereotypes Between Men And Women

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A gender stereotypes is defined as, one-sided and exaggerated images of men and women, which are deployed, repeatedly in everyday life ( This has a massive impacted on the wage gap for many years and still now. Men and women have been segregated in just about everything. Not only in the workforce, but also in life in general. Men are viewed as the moneymakers, strong, and bossy unlike the woman, they are viewed as the nurturing stay at home wife/mother, weak, and not to be bossy or in other words express their voice. Unfortunately, no matter what women do to try and prove themselves to be more than housewives or just care takers we are either disrespected and are not given the chance to achieve what they are capable of doing. This is when the wage gap comes in. Women who worked are given the traditional jobs like: receptionist, teachers, daycare workers because those are jobs that women do. They are simple and easy for …show more content…
It’s one of those nontraditional jobs for women and we should be able to see more females do it without being judged. Women are viewed as weak and dumb and therefore can join this field. In all reality women are mentally strong and once they put there mind on something they do it and sometimes better then men. Working in auto repair is a dirty job but women get their hands dirty all the time when it comes to changing a diaper to cleaning up any kind of mess. The benefits that come out of a women working in auto repair is that there can be more single mothers taking their cars in to get repaired because they will trust a women more than a man, therefore there could be more jobs for mechanics. Another thing that makes women beneficial to working in auto repair is that women have this since for caring and much more friendly bring in more clients due the service that not only receive on their car but how are treated. It’s a win for both

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